During this unprecedented pandemic Imagine Appliance understands how essential our ability to remain capable of servicing our clients needs to be.  We understand how critical it is that we are following all Health Canada and British Columbia’s guidelines to ensure our operations and staff are healthy and taking extra precautions while we work in our client’s homes and facilities.  We are continually monitoring the health of our employees and any illness discovered what so ever, we are mandating self isolation.

Physical distancing is a key aspect and we are asking our clients to respect this concept while our plumbers or technicians are on the property.  Additionally, our staff are outfitted with additional personal protective equipment to keep both our clients and themselves safe.  Our protocol is our onsite personnel must wash and sanitize their hands prior to arriving at a residence or facility and after they leave.

We want our current and future clients to know and trust that Imagine Appliance is here for you when you need us. We recognize our homes and businesses are the foundation of support while we all battle the Covid 19 virus and ensuring the essential functions of our homes is critical to maintaining everyone’s health.